Palm Springs Commercial Pest Control

Speedy's provides services to restaurants, retail, healthcare and hospital establishments, schools: Pre K-12, universities and nonprofit organizations. We utilize an Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a green approach in our commercial accounts. It involves the inspection of sanitary conditions, pest detection, and preventive techniques. We offer a variety of safe and effective baits, repellents, monitoring methods and treatments. We will evaluate the use of appropriate safe green methods for both effectiveness and risk. In heavy infestations, additional pest control treatments are employed; such as localized and targeted treatments in areas where the infestation appears to be heavier than others. This service is designed to facilitate your organization and place of business with low and evasive, yet highly effective, proactive measures that are safe. In addition, we provide you with peace of mind by conducting monthly inspections, recommendations, treatments and a pest-free environment for your customers, and personnel.



Cooks working in a restaurant

Private Schools

Kids running out of school

Coffee Shops & Fast Food Chains

Commercial Pest Control Service

(All commercial services are conducted after customer business hours.)

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